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How to Run a Book Club

Read the book. Before you begin, make sure that all the members of the book club are committed to reading the book, or as much of it as possible, every time.

Take notes as you read. Mark out particularly intriguing, moving, or frustrating passages to discuss later. It can be revealing to focus on a particular section and see how different readers have interpreted it.

Find reading notes for the book, if they exist. Ours are usually written by the authors so they're a good indicator of the author's intentions (and sometimes a signpost of where they've gone wrong!). Some background information on the writer can be helpful too.

Some of the things you might want to ask yourself, and the group: Which characters are most appealing? Which ones didn't you like? How does the author create drama, atmosphere, or a sense of place? Do you see certain themes emerging? Is the plot convincing? Do you relate to any of the characters, or to the story? Does it remind you of anything else you have read? Would you recommend it to a friend?

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House of Sticks

Peggy Frew

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Chris Womersley

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Black Glass

Meg Mundell

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