Wollongong Writers Festival — Writing Invisible Illness

What does it mean to be unwell, and how is this complicated by a lack of obvious physical markers? What is medical gaslighting, and how does this complicate the experiences of people with ‘invisible’ illnesses? Where does gender come into play?

Jessica Friedmann joins Porochista Khakpour and chair Fiona Wright to discuss their experiences living with and writing about illnesses that aren’t always physically visible and explore the question: Why write these stories?

Jessica Freidmann is a writer and editor living in Braidwood, NSW. She has a background in literary magazine and journal production, having worked across Dumbo Feather, Going Down Swinging, and the Australian Poetry Journal, and her writing is published in Australia and internationally. Jessica is the author of essay collection Things That Helped, which looks at maternal mental illness through a socio-cultural lens, and is working on her next book, a novel.

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Jessica Friedmann

Born in 1987, Jessica Friedmann is a Canberra-based writer and editor.…

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Things That Helped

Jessica Friedmann

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