Robert Gott: Crime Fiction as the Literature of Resistance | BAD Sydney

Join Robert Gott at BAD Sydney on the panel Crime Fiction as the Literature of Resistance. He will be appearing with Mark Brandi and Kate Evans.

Robert Gott was born in the Queensland town of Maryborough in 1957, and lives in Melbourne. He has published many books for children, and is also the creator of the newspaper cartoon The Adventures of Naked Man. He is the author of the William Power series of crime-caper novels set in 1940s Australia, comprising Good MurderA Thing of BloodAmongst the Dead, and The Serpent’s Sting, and of the Murders series, comprising The Holiday MurdersThe Port Fairy MurdersThe Autumn Murders, and The Orchard Murders which is his latest book.

The Orchard Murders

A novel about revenge, obsession, and the dangerous gullibility of religious fanatics.

In 1944, in the outer-Melbourne suburb of Nunawading, a brutal triple murder heralds the return of a long-forgotten cult. A man named Anthony Prescott has declared himself the Messiah and has promised his followers immortality. There are those who believe him and who are ready to kill in his name. Inspector Titus Lambert of the Melbourne Homicide unit, whose detectives are over-stretched, requests the discreet assistance of Helen Lord and Joe Sable, once members of his unit, now private inquiry agents. The investigation…

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Robert Gott

Robert Gott was born in the Queensland town of Maryborough in 1957, and…

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The Orchard Murders

Robert Gott

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