Patrick Mulins: Fellow Writers | Perth Festival Writers Weekend

Worlds apart in their journeys, 2023 Copyright Agency Fellowship winners Chris Womersley (Ordinary Gods and Monsters) and Patrick Mullins (Who Needs the ABC?) come together ina convergence of insight and creativity to speak about their writing journeys and their fellowship projects.

Generously supported by The Copyright Agency Cultural Fund.


Patrick Mullins is a Canberra-based writer and academic who has a PhD from the University of Canberra. Tiberius with a Telephone, his first book, won the 2020 NSW Premier’s Non-Fiction Award and the 2020 National Biography Award. He is also the author of The Trials of Portnoy: how Penguin brought down Australia’s censorship system.

Who Needs the ABC?

For the past nine years, the ABC has been besieged. Its funding has been slashed. It has been assailed by complaints from ministers and prime ministers. Its board has been stacked with political appointees. It has been relentlessly attacked by commercial media outlets. And it has endured crisis after crisis.

Who Needs the ABC? charts how, in its 90th year, the best-trusted news organisation in Australia arrived at its current plight: doing the most it ever has, with less than it needs, under a barrage of constant criticism.

This book examines the profound changes that have swept through the Australian…

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Patrick Mullins

Patrick Mullins is a Canberra-based writer and academic who has a PhD…

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Who Needs the ABC?

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