Damon Young: Arousing Thinking | Bendigo Writers Festival

Popular culture can be downright crude about it and yet there’s also a social tendency to prissy euphemism when it comes to talking about it: sex is rarely contemplated philosophically. Damon Young wants that to change. He talks to Dianne Dempsey about his book, On Getting Off, where he encourages readers to consider the mysteries of seduction and attraction, not too hot, not too cold, but just right for curious and fruitful contemplation.

Damon Young is a prize-winning philosopher and writer. He is the author or editor of thirteen books, including The Art of Reading, How to Think About Exercise, Philosophy in the Garden, and Distraction. His works have been translated into eleven languages, and he has also written poetry, short fiction, and children’s fiction. Young is an Associate in Philosophy at the University of Melbourne.

On Getting Off

The curious reader’s companion to sex.

‘Wit, you know, is the unexpected copulation of ideas.’ Samuel Johnson

Why is screwing so funny?
How should we think about our most shocking fantasies?
What is so captivating about nudity?

Inspired by philosophy, literature, and private life, Damon Young explores the paradoxes of the bedroom. On Getting Off will f**k with your mind.

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Damon Young

Damon Young is a prize-winning philosopher and writer. He is the author…

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