Claire Dunn: Wild Thing | Bendigo Writers Festival

Within the beautiful precinct of Bendigo’s Great Stupa, accompanied by the sound of morning bird call and a short walk from the aroma of brewing coffee at the Stupa View Café, get your Festival Sunday started with a flourish. Join Claire Dunn, advocate, teacher, writer, as she talks about the connection to earth, self and community that can be fostered by a process of rewilding our landscapes – both where we live and how we think. What’s the psychology behind the way humans interact with nature? What happens when you go deeper and encounter the wild inside? The Great Stupa and Stupa View Café will be open from 7.45am; the conversation with Claire, hosted by Elsie L’Huillier, will take place inside the Great Stupa 8.30am-9.15am, followed by booksales and signings at the Café.

Claire Dunn is a writer and a passionate advocate for rewilding our inner and outer landscapes. She worked for many years as a campaigner for the Wilderness Society and now facilitates nature-based reconnection retreats and contemporary wilderness rites of passage. In 2010, Claire lived in the bush for a year as part of a wilderness survival program, an experience she wrote about in My Year Without Matches. Her latest book is Rewilding the Urban Soul.

Rewilding the Urban Soul

We’re a famously nature-loving nation, yet 86 per cent of Australians call the city home. Amid the concrete and the busyness, how can we also answer the call of the wild?

Once upon a time, a burnt-out Claire Dunn spent a year living off the grid in a wilderness survival program. Yet love and the possibilities of human connection drew her back to the city, where she soon found herself as overscheduled, addicted to her phone, and lost in IKEA as the rest of us. Given all the city offers — comfort, convenience, community, and opportunity — she wants to stay. But to do so, she’ll have to learn how to…

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Claire Dunn

Claire Dunn is a writer and a passionate advocate for rewilding our…

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Rewilding the Urban Soul

Claire Dunn

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