Adelaide Writers’ Week — What Happens Next?

Even before we emerged blinking from Iso and the year that was 2020, we started to ask, “What Happens Next?”. Executive Director of Per Capita Emma Dawson coedited an anthology with this title, exploring how we can ensure we learn the right lessons from the COVID crisis. She is joined by Chief Economist of the Australia Institute Richard Denniss and Gideon Haigh, whose book, The Momentous, Uneventful Day: a requiem for the ofice looks at the implications 2020’s flight from the office has had on our working lives.

Gideon Haigh has been a journalist since 1984, and The Momentous, Uneventful Day is his fortieth book. His The Office: a hardworking history won the 2013 Douglas Stewart Prize for Non-Fiction.

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Gideon Haigh

Gideon Haigh has been a journalist since 1984, and The Momentous,…

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The Momentous, Uneventful Day

Gideon Haigh

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