Wallman wins ABDA for Best Designed Fully Illustrated Book

The annual Australian Book Design Awards were held over the weekend, and Scribe is proud to share that Our Members Be Unlimited by Sam Wallman won the award for Best Designed Fully Illustrated Book under $50. The book cover and interior were fully designed by the author/illustrator himself. 

The judges commented that, ‘It’s simple — this is a book that has been created as content and design and ticks every single box. ... [I]t is cover to cover content and real. Every page is designed. ... Vision, imagination, execution: brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!’

It is wonderful to hear such enthusiastic and passionate praise for this artfully created book.

Congratulations, Sam! 


Sam Wallman is a comics journalist and cartoonist based in Melbourne, Australia. His drawings have been published in The Guardian, The New York Times, The Age, the ABC, and SBS.

Our Members Be Unlimited

An original and visually powerful exploration of unionism.

In our current political climate, people are looking for answers — and alternatives. The promise of unions is that their ‘members be unlimited’: that they don’t belong to the rich, the powerful, or special interests, but to all workers.

How did the idea of unionism arise? Where has it flourished? And what are its challenges in the 21st century? From Britain to Bangladesh, from the first union of the 18th century to today, from solidarity in Walmart China to his own experiences in an Amazon warehouse in Melbourne, comics journalist Sam…

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Sam Wallman

Sam Wallman is a comics journalist and cartoonist based in Melbourne,…

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Our Members Be Unlimited

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