Scribe acquires Keeping Them Honest

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Scribe has acquired world rights in Keeping Them Honest: the case for a genuine National Integrity Commission by former Supreme Court judge Stephen Charles.

Keeping Them Honest is a revealing and compelling case by Australia’s foremost integrity advocate for a strong national body to expose political corruption, uphold accountability, and restore trust — and why the country needs it now.

After a distinguished career at the Victorian Bar and as a Judge of Appeal in the Supreme Court of Victoria, Stephen Charles AO, QC, is now a board member of the Accountable Round Table and the Centre for Public Integrity. He has been for many years a tireless advocate for the creation of a federal anti-corruption watchdog.

Publisher Henry Rosenbloom said, ‘Coming at a time when we’ve never needed it more, this will be an essential book by one of Australia’s most eminent advocates for the creation of a national anti-corruption body with teeth.’

Keeping Them Honest will be published in April 2022.

Keeping Them Honest

A revealing and compelling case for the establishment of a strong national anti-corruption body and the enactment of other vital democratic reforms.

Over the last few years, instances of the federal government spending taxpayers’ money to gain improper political advantage in elections have continued, with many hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on the Community Sport Infrastructure Program (aka the Sports Rorts) and the Urban Congestion Fund (the Carpark Rorts). As Stephen Charles writes, these electorally targeted pork-barrelling exercises are better understood as political corruption, which…

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Stephen Charles

After a distinguished career at the Victorian Bar and as a Judge of…

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