Scribe acquires debut graphic novel by Rachel Ang

Rachel Ang, self-portrait.

Scribe is delighted to announce the acquisition of Australian cartoonist Rachel Ang’s debut graphic novel, What You Seek (Is Seeking You). This beautiful, moving, and funny book follows its central character, Jenny, through childhood, young adulthood, and pending parenthood, exploring questions about memory, the body, and love.

Senior editor David Golding says, ‘Rachel is wonderfully talented, and to read their work is to go on a journey with their characters, who are fully realised in every way, verbal, non-verbal, and mental, so that they leap off the page and into your heart. Rachel’s earned just recognition for their short works and illustrations, and I can’t wait to share their first graphic novel with everyone.’

Rachel has been published by The New YorkerThe Washington Post, and the ABC. Rachel’s comics essay ‘Destroy Everything You Touch’ appeared in the Eisner Award–winning anthology Drawing Power (edited by Diane Noomin).

What You Seek (Is Seeking You) is scheduled for publication in early 2025. Scribe acquired Australian and New Zealand rights from Danielle Binks of Jacinta di Mase Management, and the book will be published in the rest of the world by Drawn & Quarterly.