Nicki Greenberg Launches Two-Week Wait

Nicki Greenberg is a Melbourne-based Australian comic artist and illustrator. She recently launched Scribe’s first graphic novel Two-Week Wait by Luke Jackson and Kelly Jackson — an original graphic novel based on the IVF stories of its husband-and-wife authors and the 1-in-50 couples around the world like them.

Read Nicki’s touching book launch speech below.

I am delighted and honoured to be launching Two-Week Wait — this fabulous graphic novel by Luke Jackson, Kelly Jackson, and Mara Wild. In this lovely volume you’ll encounter heartache, hope, humour, and a very true and personal exploration of the physical, emotional and financial roller coaster of IVF. You’ll also see the graphic novel form at its finest: where every dot and line has nuance and meaning, and where big ideas and feelings are conveyed with great subtlety through spare, elegant illustrations working hand-in-hand with great dialogue. The book’s illustrator Mara Wild absolutely slays us with the twist of a mouth, the direction of a glance, the pregnant pause, and her skilful composition of pages and panels.

The subject matter and the form of this book are both very close to my heart. Like Luke and Kelly, my partner and I went through IVF to conceive our two daughters — and in fact I was working on a very large graphic novel right throughout the treatment. Conrad and Joanne’s story rang true in so many ways — though I think I was even more out of my tree during the process than they were.

It is wonderful to see that from this very confronting and difficult journey, Luke and Kelly have achieved not only the precious success of having their own two babies, but have also drawn on their experiences to create an illuminating work of literature. What a generous thing for you to share with all of us.

So: Thank you, Luke, Kelly, Mara, and Scribe for bringing this book baby into the world. Let’s launch it with three big cheers!

Two-Week Wait

An original graphic novel based on the IVF stories of its husband-and-wife authors and the 1-in-50 couples around the world like them.

Conrad and Joanne met in their final year of university and have been virtually inseparable since then. For a while, it felt like they had all the time in the world. Yet now, when they are finally ready to have kids, they find that getting pregnant isn’t always so easy.

Ahead of them lies a difficult, expensive, and emotional journey into the world of assisted fertility, where each ‘successful’ implantation is followed by a two-week wait to see if the pregnancy takes.…

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