Legitimate Sexpectations shortlisted at Davitt Awards

Scribe is delighted to share that Legitimate Sexpectations by Katrina Marson has been shortlisted for the 2023 Davitt Award for nonfiction. 

‘The Davitt Awards are riding the crest of an enormous wave of popularity for crime writing by Australian women. Women like writing it, the publishers like printing it, and we all love reading it – and increasingly we can enjoy it being translated to the screen. That is no longer just the province of overseas authors such as Ann Cleeves and Val McDermid.

‘The writing is outstanding. And the stories explored blow our minds, opening up so many different worlds ... The main regret of the judges is that we all feel that some of our favourite books didn’t make the final cut, despite being wonderful reads. We’re spoilt for choice,’ said judges' coordinator Dr Philomena Horsley. 

On the book, the judges commented that, ‘Legitimate Sexpectations is an important and timely book that probes the complexities of consent in sexual encounters from multiple perspectives, widening the possibilities that education can play in the prevention of sexual assault.’

The judging panel for 2023 comprises Philomena Horsley 2018 Scarlet Stiletto Award winner and medical autopsy expert; Joy Lawn, YA expert and reviewer; Deb Bodinnar, former bookseller; Ruth Wykes, 2016 Scarlet Stiletto winner, author, and editor; and Moraig Kisler, Sisters in Crime’s President, and review editor. The awards will be presented on 2 September.

Congratulations to Katrina Marson and the rest of the shortlisted writers. 

Legitimate Sexpectations

Can we promise future generations a life free of sexual violence, in which their sexual wellbeing will be protected? Is this a promise we can keep?

As a sexual offences prosecutor, Katrina Marson works for an institution that can only respond, one case at a time, to sexual violence once the damage is already done. During a decade of looking back, she kept returning to a single question: what could have been done to prevent this?

In 2019 she stepped out of the justice system to travel abroad on a Churchill Fellowship, where she witnessed first-hand the power of comprehensive relationships and sexuality…

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