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Technology infiltrates our lives so rapidly that few of us stop to consider the potential health implications. Yet could the technology designed to improve our lives actually be making us sick?

Scientists have long believed that there is a link between health problems and radiation from mobile phones, wireless connections, powerlines, and electronic devices. Radiation has been linked to issues such as depression, fatigue, miscarriages, childhood leukaemia, and even brain tumours.

In The Force, Lyn McLean shows us why electropollution is among the most important health issues of our time. Examining research from around the world, she explains how and why we are all at risk and offers practical, easy-to-understand advice for homeowners, parents, and employees wanting to reduce their exposure at home and in the workplace.

Other Health and Wellbeing:

How I Rescued My Brain

How I Rescued My Brain: a psychologist’s remarkable recovery from stroke and trauma

David Roland

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RRP: $29.99
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Craig Simons

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Mateship with Birds

Mateship with Birds

A.H. Chisholm, C.J. Dennis, and Sean Dooley

ISBN: 9781922070326
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The Conundrum

The Conundrum: how scientific innovation, increased efficiency, and good intentions can make our energy and climate problems worse

David Owen

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Making Your Home Sustainable

Making Your Home Sustainable: a guide to retrofitting

Derek F. Wrigley

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