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‘In a perfectly informed world, there would be no need for Poles Apart. Tragically, the quality of public information, the nature of debate, and the understanding of issues involved in climate change and the human contribution to global warming, is being conducted at a depressingly low level. The fundamental conflict is between an evidence-based approach and a faith-based one. Vested interests are active in promoting confusion, and a refusal to take action. Poles Apart is thoughtful, comprehensive, open and provocative. It should be read as a model of explaining the most complex physical challenge, so far, in the 21st Century. ’

Barry Jones


Poles Apart is a breath of fresh air … It takes an open-minded approach, weighs up the evidence from a range of indices, examining the arguments of both the anthropogenic case on climate change and those of the sceptics.The authors skillfully — and rigorously — blend hard science, statistics and anecdote to end up with a final chapter appropriately titled “The Verdict.” ’

Rod Moran, West Australian

‘It’s a clever approach with undeniable appeal for those of us who’d rather not wade through the thousands of scientific papers and reports published on the subject. And the verdict? Read it and find out.’

The Age

Poles Apart is an excellent summary of the current state of climate science knowledge, warts and all.’

Natural Hazards Observer

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