Small Publisher of the Year 2011, 2010, 2008, 2006 

‘A fascinating examination of the changes taking place in Australia … it shines an important light on a key part of the social landscape.’

Derek Parker, The Australian


‘This analysis of 21st century consumerism (the trends have been around a long time but this is the first time they’ve been identified in this way) has profound implications for a number of industries … On that basis alone, NEO Power must definitely be worth a read.’

Ricky Onsman,

NEO Power demonstrates the extent to which so much of our decision-making is dominated by the techniques, principles and vocabulary of consumerism and marketing. This is much more than a debate about whether NEOs are particularly fond of cabernet sauvignon. It is also about how citizens, NEO or Traditional, engage in the political process, or seek spiritual enlightenment, or construct a set of personal values; and about how individuals justify the imperfections in their world views.’

Patrick Allington, Weekend Australian

‘For the first time the amazing world of the NEO has been opened up. Honeywill & Byth understand better than anyone else how the consumer revolution is changing Australia. ’

Robert Gottliebsen, The Australian
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