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‘The book urges the French, and everyone else, to recapture the wartime spirit of resistance to the Nazis by rejecting the “insolent, selfish” power of money and markets and by defending the social “values of modern democracy”.’


Stéphane Hessel, Resistance fighter and concentration-camp survivor, tells the young of today that their lives and liberties are worth fighting for. Remembering the ideals for which he risked his life, while never forgetting the evils against which he struggled, the now 93-year-old writer and diplomat calls on all of us to take back the rights that have slowly slipped away since the Second World War ended.

With sales of this masterful polemic topping a million copies in France, and a bestseller in Germany, Italy, and Spain as well, Indignez-Vous! is proudly published as a unique bilingual edition in Australia and New Zealand by Scribe.


Indignez-Vous! is creating the sort of stir in France Emile Zola did in 1898, when he published J'Accuse!

The National Post

‘Like a song you hum or a film you recommend to friends, Indignez-Vous! crystallises the spirit of the time. To buy it is a militant act, a gesture towards community and participation in a collective emotion.’


‘It is a good idea that the title of this work, Indignez-Vous! has been left untranslated, and that this English version is accompanied by the French original, if only to remind readers of the cultural context from which it has come to us … It is a message that has come at the right time … [and] I think Hessel’s work is relevant to Australia.’

Matthew Lamb, The Australian

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