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‘The new classic of scenario planning’

Adam Kahane

The future is not what it used to be. In this volatile era, with the world changing rapidly, people are more curious than ever to know what lies ahead.

Will relentless consumerism end up destroying our planet? Or can science and technology allow us to innovate our way out of trouble? Perhaps a greater social consciousness and community-based living will take over — or, conversely, the competition for limited resources may result in everyone fighting for themselves.

Drawing on these four possible futures, Richard Watson and Oliver Freeman invite us to examine critically the risks and opportunities to come. They discuss the key factors, trends, critical uncertainties, and wildcards that will shape the future, guiding us to a greater awareness of long-term problems and possible solutions — and empowering us not only to adapt to what might happen, but also to shape our future and to generate change.

It’s impossible to know for certain what the future holds, but we can remove some of its surprises by engaging in a meaningful debate about the choices we face now. This book shows us how.


‘A rich, provocative, imaginative, and rigorous guide to thinking about the future’

Peter Schwartz, futurist and co-founder of the Global Business Network

‘In 2040, shops will talk to you before you even enter them. Your reputation will precede you like a criminal record and the world you move through will be covered in smart dust … If you want to know more about what life will be like in 2040, this analysis of four major scenarios [is] highly readable, entertaining, thought-provoking and full of informed forecasts it would be foolish to ignore.’

Caroline Baum

‘Thought-provoking glimpses into the future of humankind, with practical advice for uncovering and evaluating the most realistic visions of that future.’

Curt Stager, author of DEEP FUTURE: the next 100,000 years of life on Earth
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